Welcome to Legacy Christian Academy!

An excellent Christian homeschool program in Colorado.  Engaging and thought provoking lessons taught by a fourth generation teacher and a homeschool mom of 22 years.

Based on the premise that “IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES”.

Carla Fritz has prepared over 600 students with a solid foundation to equip them to make educated evaluations of world events, leaders, authors, popular trends and more throughout history while emphasizing their causes and effects and learning to sow the seeds of Truth.  Carla is a fourth generation teacher in her family and has taught in public and private Christian schools for 12 years. She has home schooled her two boys for 22 years in which these classes evolved 12 years ago. She has MANY wonderful referrals from hundreds of past participants which were in the Phoenix area! She is trying to reach the hundreds of homeschoolers in Colorado. Come and see the materials, books and hear about this highly successful program that’s mail goal is to instill a love for learning and see who God has inspired and influenced our cultures throughout history!

By providing a sense of security with a positive atmosphere students are inspired each week to write, read and share ideas resulting in a feeling of community that is developed with partner activities, informal class discussions and debates, building models and replicas and offering family events throughout the school year.

“………….equipping the students with the tools for a lifetime of learning: a knowledge of the timetables of history, a background understanding of great literary classics, a familiarity with the sweep of art, music and ideas, a worldview comprehension of basic geography, a principle approach to discerning the significance of  current events, and an emphasis on a Christian life paradigm. The idea is to study human ideas in context-both in terms of its historical and societal sequence and in terms of its providential and cultural importance…..”  -Dr. George Grant; King’s Meadow Ministries
LITERATURE:  is based on the subject matter studied. Vocabulary and/or comprehension assignments weekly.  Backgounds of authors and  settings identified. Literary genres and terms examined in both novels and short stories. Lots of various exercises to enhance the readings completed each week whether in partners or individually.
WRITING/COMPOSITION:  is assigned age and ability appropriately with grammar practice as needed. Either creative or formal writing is practiced each week after thorough instructions are given with examples and practice in class. Higher grades include, Compare and Contrast, Narratives, Definitions, Analogies, Cause and Effect. Classifications and more.
HISTORY/HUMANITIES:  we’ll be studying the era of Christendom from the fall of Rome to about 1500. This unit will include     valuable insights to the Reformation and its effects on the world for centuries to come.
GEOGRAPHY:  is based on subject matter. Geographic formations, political boundaries, cultures and religions are all included appropriately.
SPEECH/DEBATE:  is always a favorite!   It includes Socratic questioning practice, research and statistic gathering, body language awareness, and each week learning real life decisions by generals, presidents, Supreme Court Justices and C.E.O.s then defending or going against their historical decisions which inspires great writing practice!  Presenting live broadcasts, interviews, impromptu exercises and more are included.
WORLDVIEW/CURRENT EVENTS:  using a wide variety of media, propaganda and marketing styles we become aware of the vast amount of information served to us each day and discern their value. Keeping a watch on prominent world and national news and their causes and effects.